Phase 1, 2 & 3 ESA

J&D Environmental is considered one of the leading firms by several major real estate and financial firms across Canada  

Many properties around the world can be contaminated without anyone ever knowing.  Through our many years of experience as well as by taking into consideration approaches regularly followed in the industry, J&D Environmental can review any property in Canada to determine if it may or may not carry a risk of being contaminated.  Should a property be contaminated we can develop approaches to manage or remediate the contamination as to return the property back to a clean and safe state.  

You should always contact J&D Environmental to review a property when:

  • You are about to purchase a new property and want to make sure it was not contaminated by previous owners. 
  • You believe your neighbours may have contaminated your property
  • You own a commercial business and want to make sure your operations have not contaminated the property
  • You have funny or foul odours coming from the property
  • You believe a spill may have happened close to your property
  • You just want to know the environmental history of a property
  • You require an appraisal on your property


J&D Environmental follows the approach to ESA review’s with 3 different phases that are widely accepted across North America.

Phase 1 ESA - The collection of data by J&D Environmental in order to determine the level of risk present on the property

Phase 2 ESA - (typically not done unless concerns are noted in the Phase 1 ESA approach) The physical testing of soil and water present in the ground of the property in order to determine the extend of contamination also allowing J&D Environmental to put together a remediation plan in order to correct the problem. 

Phase 3 ESA - (typically done once a Phase 2 ESA is completed and once approved by the Manitoba Government). The physical removal of contaminated materials from the property as well as disposal of those materials to governing regulations in order to assure no other properties become contaminated during the process of remediation. 

If you have concerns or questions about any property you may be considering to purchase, live or work on,  Call J&D Environmental and we will be more than happy to help you put a ESA plan together that works with your budget and time frame.