Covid-19 & Surface Testing

J&D Environmental Is a leading firm in preparedness and protection of people and the environment. Our staff are trained and equipped to provide on site testing of your workplace, home, or any public environment to determine how clean your surfaces are and if they require further sanitization or disinfection.

J&D Environmental can provide food grade surface testing in restaurants, medical facilities, schools, offices and homes. Our approach can determine if the surfaces you are touching are clean and disinfected, safe for human occupancy and use.

Are you hiring a cleaning company to disinfect your workplace or home? Contact J&D Environmental and we can review their work as well as test your surfaces to determine how effective of a job they have done.

Contact our office to hear more about how our staff can help protect you & your family or your workplace from cross contamination of bacteria or disease due to poor cleaning or disinfecting methods.

Ensuring Your Safety during Covid